This week in general, for whatever reason, I've been really down

This week in general, for whatever reason, I've been really down. Even though there was really nothing I could do to prevent Ayden from breaking his arm, I still feel some how responsible for the fact that my small 5 year old now has 2 broken bones and only one "fully functional arm" as he put it. I've been on edge and so quick to get angry over the past couple of days. But today with this little baby child (that's what Ryan calls him) sitting here, I was just watching him as he focused on his game and he just looked over, smiled, and said "I love you, mama". Yep, I cried. It's so easy to get swept up in all the crap, that really doesn't matter, and to let other people intentionally drag you down and to take for granted the things that actually matter. I'm blessed to have this beautiful, smart, and healthy son, a boyfriend that I know without a doubt loves me more than could ever be stated and I love him just the same and that treats and loves Ayden as his own, an amazing family that is always there for us without fail regardless of how they feel about whatever decision I'm making, and friends that are there to always check in and see how things are going. So from now on, I'm going to try to be a little more appreciative towards the things I do have and to stop letting the things and people that don't matter take priority over the things that do.
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