I got to share this little story

Y'all, I got to share this little story. PLEASE check out the whole story. PLEASE note what the clerk says about the situation. If this very simple act of kindness that could make the biggest impact on anybody does not warm your heart...just unfriend me because you don't have a heart or you have forgotten how to use it to it's fullest potential. Oh, it's not just what the clerk did either, the customer that posted this was a very kind hearted person too for her patience as well. Thank so much to both of them. Oh this is going kind of viral, PLEASE let's help it do so. What if this was or had been your father or grandfather? Find out more information on when you click here: cartrailerrental.net
Monica De Freitas Vollmer
08-02-2018, 17:18:32
Please give your Mom a hug for me.
Arun Surijpaul
08-02-2018, 17:18:32
Sorry for u friend
Suzie Singh
08-02-2018, 17:18:32
This is so sad
Athena Julmaladeen
08-02-2018, 17:18:32
Be sure to give aunty indranie a hug for me

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