- I've been searching for a second job that was close to campus and wouldn't conflict with my schedule all week and I finally found one today! Thank God! So which #UWA student is going to ride in my SNAP golf cart first? Lol.
- It's literally the third day of school and I have like four quizzes due, a billion assignments, and a zillion discussions...so this is what the psychology department did all break. Plot up ways to steal my time. Lol
- My first day as a college senior was pretty successful. I'm happy with all my classes, professors & job schedule! Bring on the studying, projects, & papers because I'm ready!
We didn't have quite the turn out that I was expecting for Christian's 5th birthday party today, but he still had so so much fun! Laser tag, arcade, and bowling, I'm so wore out! I'm so blessed to have this little boy in my life, he makes me so proud and amazed everyday, he is truly the greatest blessing and I love him to the moon and back! I'm so glad he enjoyed his birthday party, and thank you so much for the people that did come! It means a lot!
Got a 45 minute run/walk in, hope to handle a lot more than that soon, just have to build up to it... Now to abs real quick so I can have my baked chicken and roasted green beans and broccoli dinner :)
Breaking down on I 75 is not fun. Luckily I put tools in the truck and thought to myself Warren what have you fucked with lately? Between me and those redneck engineers that installed this Air intake ,it was in a bind and popped loose before the mass airflow sensor. hose clamp and we're back on the road
Now this one is the tear jerker...daddy telling Reagan the bad news about Asia because I just could not. Reagan has the best father on this earth and I have the best husband that is just too good to me!
17 years ago to this day I had no idea that I was about to go on a blind date with my now hubby of 13 years. Pretty freakin awesome if you ask me!
I took Shiller's course, Financial Markets, through Yale and it was a great overview course. He's a very to-the-point and even keeled instructor. I really enjoyed it.
Ex's are exactly what they suppose to be an EX!! What's the need for any communication if there's nothing to discuss or any kids involved!! #MorningTho ☺️☺️ #nottalkingaboutBoo #sodontgotelling