Aye so what if them niggas make more ? I knew my time was coming had too wait for it ? so EVERY NIGHT a nigga prayed for it ? & aint no going back THE ONLY WAY IS ⏩
I want me a super girly friend too help me out but she can't be annoying asf lol! I'm tired of being "1 of the guys" I intimidate these niggas ? so im taking super girly friend applications !
Ex's are exactly what they suppose to be an EX!! What's the need for any communication if there's nothing to discuss or any kids involved!! #MorningTho ☺️☺️ #nottalkingaboutBoo #sodontgotelling
Thank you Jesus for another precious day thank you for getting me out of bed and receiving your most beautiful light for being able to move around that's the most beautiful blessing I hope everybody receive the same blessing as me and my family may you keep us in your holy hands protect us always guide us through the right direction and may the whole world come to peace and everybody come together like brothers and sisters the way we're supposed to be in Jesus name Amen
I want to give thanks to the Lord for giving me another day of getting out of bed and receiving his glorious like I want everybody to be blessed this day and everybody to be in good health and safe to come home after doing whatever they need to do I also want to let know the people that the Powerball has been one 3 tickets 1 in Tennessee 1 + California and one in Florida hopefully it's somebody that we know and if not I sure hope with somebody that really needs it and even if they don't need it I hope that you're enjoying it
I would like to give thanks to the Lord for giving me another day I'm getting out of bed and feeling great and receiving his most gorgeous and beautiful life I hope that everyone has the same blessing as I did and I want to wish everybody a wonderful day and to be careful out there and don't forget this woman over here on this ever again loves you all God bless
Giving thanks to the Lord for another blessed day and for another year I asked him and for another year I asked him to keep all is close to his heart and has blessed hands to guide us to the right directions to keep us out of danger to help us get closer to him for he is the only way out of everything he is our Father the best friend we could ever ask he the only 1 that will always be there for us made that bless all of y'all and me my friends don't forget it I will pray for you always and love you have a blessed day
I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year please be careful out there enjoy yourself I hope that God keeps blessing everyone of you out there and guiding you all through the right roads staying out of trouble enjoy your life I wish this year all of you out there achieve everything you had in mind everything I know you guys can do it if you really want to well like always don't forget that this woman on this in love you
Thank you Lord for giving me another blessed day to get out of bed to receive your most glorious and precious life I wish this to all my friends and family please take good care of them by them through the right road and everybody be in good health and don't forget my friends old friends new friends young friends this woman and this man loves you all may God bless you always amen Belinda thank god you're a girl stay out of trouble
Thank you Lord for giving me this wonderful day to have the opportunity to wish all my family my love ones my dear dear friends and all those that surround me a Merry Christmas Eve may God take care of all of your all on these holidays will be protected under his wonderful powerful protection I wish everyone of you the very best and the most happiest Merry Christmas and joyful new year and don't forget this all women over here love all of y'all I care about all of you hug and kisses bye