Big news June 13 at Audia's family restaurnant The "Davisson Brother band "will be playing out side at our bonfire. Every one is invited. Out side dinning by mike audia Sr and family will be serverd from 5pm till 10pm ribeyes, Italian sausage sandwichs and beer, and for the kid hot dog and hamburgers. The best is the smore station by Lori Audia and family for the kids. So come out and have some fun with the Audia's.
Having a suprise b day party for loir audia this sat the 17 th at our house at 3pm wing, ribs, shrimp rib eye steaks, sausage & peppers, lots of beer, wine and jellow shots. and one want come?
I thank God everyday for changing my life. I was so scared I was going to have to pick up a shift on Easter to catch up my bills from being sick. Which I would of gladly done! God has been showing up and showing out! ??????
Everyone I find that's a free thinker like I am doesn't really see me as an accent. I'm kind of stumbling around between wanting friends and not worrying about it.
Everyone wants to be treated like a queen. ?? However, do you know how to treat him like a King? I make sure mine is aware of my appreciation. I've also learned to correct him privately and not in public! I'll never let others know his weaknesses ?
Ayden: mom, did you know that I can let you into my dreams? I just need some tin foil. I'll make us both helmets with tubes and we can just teleport into each other's dreams. What I saw in this story ..
MKRS is participating in Light the Night again this year. This walk is very near and dear to my heart. This walk helps raise awareness and money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. According to LLS, every 3 minutes 1 person is diagnosed with blood cancer and an expected 162,202 people have been or will be diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma. Over 75% of monies received by LLS is put back into researching, health services, and educational programs. So please join MKRS, and myself, along with many others in supporting LLS in continuing their cancer research. Also, come out and...
This week in general, for whatever reason, I've been really down. Even though there was really nothing I could do to prevent Ayden from breaking his arm, I still feel some how responsible for the fact that my small 5 year old now has 2 broken bones and only one "fully functional arm" as he put it. I've been on edge and so quick to get angry over the past couple of days. But today with this little baby child (that's what Ryan calls him) sitting here, I was just watching him as he focused on his game and he just looked over, smiled, and said "I love you, mama". Yep, I cried. It's so easy to get...
Temperature dropping.....going to be wet to where I can slip in.....thinking about trying a big chicken in the morning just one last time before I break out the saltwater gear.
Can't get over the size of this deer and also knowing that it was killed over a product that I have been pushing down here for going on 5 seasons! For those that think shelf bought deer pee is the best actual choice to make, I strongly urge you to buy fresh urine from a company that owns their deer and when I say fresh....I mean 3 days old and not bottled in July fresh stocked with preservatives and fillers. #jsscents #tuckerbuck #freshpeematters