Big news June 13 at Audia's family restaurnant The "Davisson Brother band "will be playing out side at our bonfire. Every one is invited. Out side dinning by mike audia Sr and family will be serverd from 5pm till 10pm ribeyes, Italian sausage sandwichs and beer, and for the kid hot dog and hamburgers. The best is the smore station by Lori Audia and family for the kids. So come out and have some fun with the Audia's.
Diversity Proves Its Value! We all know the old adage to not keep your eggs all in one basket. And that all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy. It seems that diversity is a good thing in the workforce, among your customers and in investing. Diversified portfolios performed better to date in 2016 than did non-diversified portfolios. In the report in the link below, this includes “alternative investments” that are generally reserved for institutional buyers and accredited investors. However, you can add some alternative investments to your own portfolio. Are you diversified? Do you...
A lot of these DIY videos can be useless. But this one from FixMyBlinds turned out to be right on the money! We had cord problems and were looking at replacing blinds. I found this site, and for about $20 (cord + shipping) I was able to fix both blinds in about 20 minutes! Their site is amazing and can walk you through how to measure and order your supplies and how to fix your blinds. If you have old blinds and are thinking of replacing, checkout FixMyBlinds first. You'll be glad you did.
YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON $24 BILLION* DOLLARS! Are you one of the many Americans who is not taking full advantage of your 401(k) plan? Or worse, not participating at all. On average, Americans leave about $1,300* of FREE money with their employer every year. How? By not taking full advantage of their employer’s matching opportunity via their 401(k) plan for starters. What’s worse, those who do not participate at all in their company’s 401(k) plan are passing on free money. Low and middle-income workers often erroneously believe they cannot afford to participate. Not true! If you are not...
AARP warns seniors about being billed for fake debts. Also, if a debt collector claims they are going to garnish your Social Security, don't believe them! Only the state or federal government can garnish SS income. You can read more in this short article from AARP.
This week in general, for whatever reason, I've been really down. Even though there was really nothing I could do to prevent Ayden from breaking his arm, I still feel some how responsible for the fact that my small 5 year old now has 2 broken bones and only one "fully functional arm" as he put it. I've been on edge and so quick to get angry over the past couple of days. But today with this little baby child (that's what Ryan calls him) sitting here, I was just watching him as he focused on his game and he just looked over, smiled, and said "I love you, mama". Yep, I cried. It's so easy to get...
It's crazy how the people around me don't motivate me but random ass folks I haven't spoken with in YEARS be inboxing me all type of encouraging words off the strength they know im trying. That shit crazy but I appreciate yall ? a nigga be needing that extra push sometimes !
STOOOOOPID THROWBACK ? But wanna wish a happy birthday too 1 of my FAVORITE cousins ever man ? Every since you & man jumped me in the family we been click tight ? but too make a long story short I love you cuh & hope you enjoy your day ??
I feel sorry for people who don't have a bond w/they siblings bruh. Like I love tf out of my sisters & my lil brother ! What is life w/o your LIFE LONG best friends? & once our parents leave us WE ALL WE GOT !! Yall need too get better fr ..
This is something I seen earlier today. Please watch this video and hold your loved ones close. If you can not tell what the car is (Mercedes) driver was not seriously hurt, but was taking to the hospital for check out. Let's do some figuring here. Truck and trailer equals ( 80,000 lbs) car equals let's say (5,000 lbs) which is going to get hurt more?? Let's be safe on your travels to and from your loved ones. I want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to EVERYONE!!! Be safe and as always love your truck drivers!!